Grand Lake Communites

Grand Lake Communites

Gated Communities at Grand Lake

Gated, Condo, and Grand Lake Area Communities   
Because so many people do prefer  maintenance free housing at Grand Lake it was suggested that we prepare a list of all the Gated and Condominium communities available. One of the unusual thing about some of these is many listed as a condo are actually free stand homes with condominium bylaws. Most are located on Monkey Island however there are a few others around the lake.

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Click on this link to see a Google Map of Grand Lake showing locations 

Click on the links below to learn more and / or see properties for sale in that area
                    NOTE: *** DENOTES A GATED COMMUNITY 


All Grand Homes For Sale          All Waterfront Homes For Sale

Grove                                        Other Area Gated  Communities 
Meghan Coves ***                             Two Tree Island ***
Cedar Oaks                                       The Vintage ***
Melody Point ***                                                Apache Shores ***

Duck Creek                                The Points ***
Harbors View  ***                              Gran Tara
Spinnaker Point  ***                          Grand Lake Town
The Coves ***                                    Grand Point

Monkey Island                          Area Towns
Beacon Hill ***                                 Grove
Brighton Bay ***                               Ketchum
Heritage Point ***                             Langley
Hi-Point ***                                       Cleora
Jack’s Hide a Way ***                         Disney
Island Park ***                                  Tia Juana
Mainstay ***                                     Wyandotte
Newport Village ***                          Jay

Shangri-la Chateaus ***
Shangri-la Estates ***                       Eucha
Silver Key ***                                    Afton
St. Andrews ***                                 Vinita
St. James Club ***                             Miami
White Chapel ***                              Zena
Vista Towers                                    Fairland
The Cliffs

Port Duncan

​Grand Lake Homes For Sale


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