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The following is an article about was written by the Chronicle of Grand Lake. After that is Our Story.

Page C18 The Chronicle of Grand Lake Boat Show Edition January 27, 2011

Teaming Up with Grand Results

By Carla Banning

Working as a team takes a lot of hard work and self sacrifice...knowing each others strengths and weaknesses and developing strategies for success by playing off the best of each team member. And that perfectly describes Dave and Debbie Wagenblatt, known as the Get Grand Results Team, successful real estate agents and partners for life in every way. The Wagenblatts are excited to be with McGraw Realtors, and have a lot of irons in the fire. Dave said, You have to continually improve your products and services. And we are with a great company that provides a lot of support. The systems the Get Grand Results Team has put into place to market homes and work with buyers have been done with industry leading technology, allowing them to do more than traditional agents. Dave and Debbie have been top producers for many years serving the Grand Lake area, with a primary focus on lakefront homes. Their marketing skills, Internet presence, and attention to detail have gained them well deserved recognition in the industry. Both Dave and Debbie are long time lakers from back before the original Shangri-La boom. The story of how they met in 2004 - the ironies they discovered about similarities in their past and present lives (for example, both had lost spouses to sudden heart attacks), their many shared likes and interests, and how they came to be the successful team they are, both in business and their personal lives has been shared with Chronicle readers in the past. Their devotion to each other and their careers is obvious, as is their passion for life on Grand Lake. Dave's background has been in sales for years and includes being National Sales Manager for a corporate marketing firm. He also builds websites and has done so for many area businesses at no charge, because he wants to help promote the lake. He has been around computers all his life, and his father, Darl, is still a consulting engineer in the Petrochemical industry at age 86.Debbie was in real estate in the late 70's, then got into mortgage lending in 1977 and earned her brokers license in 1979. She knows the industry inside and out, and has a well-rounded knowledge that is invaluable to their customers. She is an OU alum and her dad, Jack Thomas, is still very active at 88, playing golf four to five times a week, and was in real estate and a homebuilder for years in Tulsa. Though the couple specializes in lakefront luxury properties, they handle everything from first time home buyers to multi-million dollar luxury estates. They are past recipients of the Greater Tulsa Assoc. of Realtors and Northeast Oklahoma Real Estate Services  Top Producing Team award, given to the Remax Executives Team that generated the most closed sales in a 12-month period. The nice thing about lakefront property on Grand is it doesn't lose value and prices maintain, if it is priced right and well maintained. Property is a great investment right now if you get good advice and buy right with experienced people, says Dave. According to Dave, the Get Grand Results team gets more results and is more successful than 99% of the other realtors. All of the homes they have listed are available online and include virtual tours (see website info below). Visitors to their site often leave feedback about how much they like the website and how easy it is to maneuver around. The couple feels they can do more than typical real estate agents and have showed homes around the lake to people from over 50 countries and every state in the U.S. One of the many advantages to being with Coldwell Banker Select Realtors, According to Dave and Debbie, is the tremendous marketing we all do The Coldwell Banker Select franchise sells more real estate  in State of  Oklahoma than any other real estate brokerage. With the economy s recent problems, you might think those in the real estate business might not be having a lot of success right now. That's not true of this team. And, despite those in the know projecting that this years economy isn't going to be any better, Dave says he is sticking his neck out to say that it is going to be better. The economy is going to start an uptick and people are going to be more comfortable. And Doug Smith, newly elected Delaware County Commissioner, District 1, is going to help make that happen by bringing big, new things to the lake. As our interview came to a close, Dave and Debbie shared these thoughts, A lot of people don't know the market, and it's important they work with someone that will educate them and give them an idea of what properties are worth. Two of the biggest things we provide our clients are elements of education and trust, enabling them to learn and feel comfortable during the process. We teach people how to make intelligent decisions for themselves. So if you are looking to buy or sell, contact the Get Grand Results Team, and be sure to stop by their booth at the Tulsa Boat Show and tell them you saw them in The Chronicle! To contact the Wagenblatts, Coldwell Banker Select, call the Grand Lake office at (918) 605-3228, Dave's cell at (918) 520-1378, or Debbie's cell at (918) 605-3228.You can also e-mail Dave at dave@getgrandresults.com or Debbie at Debbie@getgrandresults.com. and be sure to visit www.getgrandresults.com - their main website, which was originally set up by Debbie's late husband, Stan Irvin. Dave has done some impressive improvements to the site and oversees itsmaintenance. He has also set up websites at www.grandlakeonline.com and www.surfgrandlake.com
Teaming Up With Grand Results

  • 33 years in the Real Estate Industry
  • 18 years experience in mortgage lending
  • Top Producers at Grand Lake
  • Member Greater Tulsa REALTOR Association MLS
  • Member Northeastern Oklahoma Board of REALTORS®
  • Member Northeastern Oklahoma MLS 
  • Coldwell Banker Referral Network

Our Story

Dave & I would like to share our story with you. We think it is a truly amazing story, & hope you do too.

On November 19th,2004, a Tulsa Realtor, Dave Wagenblatt, called me wanting to show some of my listings to a couple coming in from Florida. I explained to him that his key pad for the lock boxes here wouldn't work on these lock boxes, & that would make it extremely difficult for him to show property here. I went on to tell him that I typically pay a referral fee to out of area Realtors, & show the buyers myself. He said he would have to rethink the whole thing, & would call back. Well fifteen minutes later he called back & had spoken with his manager who advised him to refer his customers to Debbie Irvin. He laughed & said that's who he was already talking to (first coincidence). Okay, here's where the amazing story begins, in this ONE conversation, Dave & I discovered we had the following in common:

  1. The Florida buyers that Dave was referring had also contacted me, but their son who didn't want to move was deleting all my messages. Dave had actually finally gotten a hold of the father personally.
  2. Dave lost his wife, Peggy, also unexpectedly, about 3 months before I lost Stan. We had both discovered our spouses dead, & both from a heart attack.
  3. Dave had grown up about a mile from me in Tulsa, & had even known some of my neighbors.
  4. Dave had an adorable Shih-Tzu named Dee Dee. I had two Shih-Tzus named Molly & Hunter.

We must have talked an hour discovering all these coincidences, & decided we should meet. We had such an easy conversation, had so much in common, & sharing grief as an initial bond. We emailed back & forth, & had a few more phone conversations, then Dave came up to Grand Lake to meet me December 2 of 2004. I showed him around the lake, & we tried to find the place he used to come to when he was a child. We talked & talked & talked. After he went home, we continued to have phone conversations every day or two. About a week after we met, we discovered the biggest coincidence of all. It turns out Dave's son had bought the SAME house in Broken Arrow, that Stan & I had bought & got married in! Dave had just sold it for his son a couple of months earlier. We were both for once speechless with that discovery.

To make a longer story, shorter, Dave came up December 15th, 2004 to help me move into my condo I had just bought & remodeled. He moved up here in February of 2005, rented my house that I was planning on putting on the market, & joined me in real estate sales. Turns out that he's a real web site guru, like Stan was. Anyway, we were married on November 19th 2005,a year to the date from the day we came into each other's lives. We still miss Stan & Peggy, & always will, but now we have each other. I never expected in my wildest dreams to be fortunate enough to not only be able to love again, but to also find another soul-mate. It's incredible! God truly does work in mysterious ways. It was like we were guided to each other at the most depressing time of the year for anyone who has lost a loved one. Nov. 19th, 2004 was less than a week before Thanksgiving.

That's our story, & we continue to discover more & more coincidences. We also hope our story might help anyone else who is struggling with the loss of a loved one. When one door closes, it seems another opens.

This website is dedicated to my deceased husband, Stan Irvin, it's creator. 4/23/1954-5/20/2004

Stan was my caring husband. Stan was my astute business partner for the 15 years of our marriage.

Stan was my best friend & soul mate, and so much more. His sense of humor got us through the roughest of times, & his deep sense of propriety assured us prosperity.

Stan , I love you & miss you with all my heart.