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Monkey Island Oklahoma real estate has some of the best waterfront values in the country. Actually all Grand Lake OK real estate fits into that category. This article touches on the Brighton Bay subdivision located on Monkey Island along the shores of East Bay at Grand Lake. Brighton Bay is a very nice gated community with about 50 homes. Most come with a boat slip and are Lakefront properties. Here is something people from other parts of the country may not realize. These are all free standing homes, however, they are organized under condo by-laws. What this does is provide for the shared cost of keeping the grounds manicured, upkeep on the swimming pool, tennis courts, playgrounds and community boat slips. Lots of people love this kind of set up because they can come to the lake and play. No worries about the other things which go along with home ownership. Brighton Bay homes have a very nice setting. Once you drive through the gate there is a long tree lined black top road which winds to the homes and it is not uncommon to see deer close by. There are wood carved statues of bears, a dolphin and eagle mixed in among the homes.  Other Gated communities on Monkey Island OK include Newport Village, Silver Key, St. Andrews, White Chapel, Beacon Hill, Main Stay, Shangri-la Estates and more.

The Brighton Bay gated community at Grand Lake is located on East Bay, Monkey Island. These are free standing homes with boat slips under condominium by-laws. Amenities include a pool, tennis court, swim dock, sand volley ball court and enclosed fishing dock

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