Magical Combination, Grand Lake and Dave and Debbie Wagenblatt

The Welcome Home Grand Lake Magazine had an article about us inside. This is

Dave and Debbie Wagenblat at a Grand Lake Chamber gathering
Dave & Debbie Wagenblatt at a recent Grand Lake Area Chamber function

Dave and Debbie Wagenblatt, the “Get Grand Results” Team, with RE/MAX Executives, work, and are very familiar with the entire Grand Lake Area. Dave & Debbie say, “Many people aren’t familiar with Grand Lake and aren’t sure where they want to be. We can give them an unbiased opinion of each area of the lake.”

Not only are they knowledgeable about the lake, they are extremely knowledgeable about selling real estate, and marketing. Between the two, they have over 35 years of experience in the real estate industry. Debbie started her real estate career in 1977 after graduating from the University of Oklahoma. Subsequently, she also spent about 18 years in the mortgage lending industry, loaning on homes, before returning back to real estate sales in 2000. Debbie says, “That mortgage lending experience is an invaluable asset in assisting us with our real estate sales.” Clients rave about Debbie’s common sense, honest professional approach, and extensive knowledge about real estate.

Dave on the other hand, had years of experience in marketing. He was the manager of market development for a billion dollar corporation and national sales manager for another large company before moving back to Oklahoma. He felt he was too young to retire, and got into real estate sales in 2003, in Tulsa. The first individual Realtor website at Grand Lake was GetGrandResults.com, created by Stan Irvin, Debbie’s deceased former spouse. It is the Grand-daddy of them all. Dave took off building numerous other, very popular, predominate websites, including, SurfGrandLake.com, OfficialGrandLake.com, PatriciaIslandEstates.com, to name a few. Dave, also put systems in place which allow them to do much more than traditional agents. Dave says, “That marketing experience is also an invaluable asset in assisting us with our real estate sales. I guess that means we just make a “grand” team.”

You must go to one of the above mentioned websites to view their story of the tragedies that came into each of their lives, and the coincidences (or divine intervention is how they look at it) that brought them together. Of course, you must also go to those websites to see everything Grand Lake has to offer. Together, they have become top producing Realtors at Grand Lake. They have consistently received RE/MAX top production awards and are currently ranked 20th through March of this year, for all RE/MAX teams in the state of Oklahoma.