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Boating on Grand Lake is one of the great pleasures available to you at this favorite Oklahoma resort area. A gathering of boats at many locations around Grand Lake to socialize, swim, sun bathe and party might be your idea of fun in the sun, Maybe you would prefer cruising around on your sea going size boat taking in all the beautiful scenery at different times of the year.  How about sailing?  This is a Grand place for it. There are boats over 50 feet long on this very large lake which has 1,300 miles of shoreline and is about 67 miles long.  No crowding here! Surprised? Yes, that is one reason some say it is Oklahoma's best kept secret. But the secret is getting out. Boating to one of the many restaurants on the water is a relaxing way to spend some time with family and friends. Besides the cruisers there are cigarette boats, speed boats, ski boats, pontoon boats and fishing boats. There are also many marinas all around the lake to keep your boat such as the Arrowhead Marina or Cherokee Yacht Club on Duck Creek to The Landing and Shangri-la Marina on Monkey Island to The Royal Bay or Honey Creek Marina in Grove.. Theres many more too! You may choose to have a home on Grand lake with your own private dock. You can have that here at Grand Lake O' the Cherokees. So, come to Grand Lake and take advantage of all it has to offer and enjoy the good life. See more about Grand Lake on the Official Grand Lake Web Site and for all your Real Estate Needs at Grand Lake, Contact the Get Grand Results Team.